We Were All Female. We Are All Humans.

Here’s a fantastic video from AsapSCIENCE:

It’s an oversimplification, but barely, to say that we all have the same parts. They look different but start as the same. We are equal. There is no reason to imagine that the damage from non-therapeutic cutting of male genitals is acceptable in the way we reject as obvious for any female genital cutting. We all begin with a common foundation. Yes, the intent – and often, extent – can be quite different. We must not forget or ignore that. But that isn’t enough. It’s possible to recognize the rights of boys without minimizing or easing protection against what is done to girls. The issue remains that permanent harm results from non-therapeutic genital cutting.

Society has developed irrational rules that somehow the basic human rights to genital integrity and bodily autonomy splinter after the first six weeks of fetal development. Females maintain this right, but once the Y chromosome becomes dominant, legal and ethical concern for this right inexcusably diminishes among too many. We should not behave this way. The above video demonstrates that this distinction is false. Boys deserve their human rights, too.

Video via Geeks are Sexy.

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