Why Choose Intact?

If you’ve arrived here, you’re probably looking for information on male infant circumcision. Choose Intact is designed to offer facts, advice, and support for protecting the genital integrity of infants. We recognize that all infants are born with the same basic human rights. Those rights should be protected. Non-therapeutic circumcision violates those rights. Where medical necessity does not exist, a child’s genitalia should be left intact.

You won’t find unbiased opinion at Choose Intact, because the facts require our conclusion, but you will find only truth used to support it. The bulk of our focus will consider male infant circumcision as it’s practiced in the United States, but that will not be our sole focus. We consider any issue involving the non-consensual removal or alteration of healthy genital tissue a violation, and will discuss them when necessary.

We will be honest in explaining circumcision. You will find explanations of normal human genitalia, including the male prepuce (foreskin) and its many biological and sexual purposes. Citations and links will be provided to document claims where appropriate. Choose Intact will demonstrate the strength of our medical and ethical stance.

You will not find condescension at Choose Intact. We understand that male infant circumcision is a legal (albeit unethical) option for parents in the United States, as well as most other nations. As long as that remains the situation, non-therapeutic child circumcision will occur. We vehemently disagree, so there may be exasperation at times. Like you, we’re human. But we understand why parents make that decision. In the context of our society, the decision to reject conventional ideas is not easy. To change minds and protect children, we’re interested in challenging mistaken ideas and beliefs, not people. We will maintain courtesy and respect at Choose Intact, regardless of disagreements.

Choose Intact will be a community effort. Here you will find individuals working together to protect infants from needless circumcision. Our belief in children’s rights is more important than egos and who gets credit. It’s cliché to say this site is “for the children,” but when questioning routine infant circumcision, that is the most accurate explanation. We want to help. When confronted with the decision of whether or not to circumcise a healthy child, we want the decision to be obvious: choose intact.