Fear Still Exists in the Modern World

When discussing circumcision, it’s vital that activists speak openly and honestly about all relevant facets of sexuality. That includes snicker-inducing topics like masturbation, which is why it’s wonderful that Cracked included a critical, almost scathing examination of male circumcision in its article, “5 Insane Ways Fear of Masturbation Shaped the Modern World”. The entire circumcision section is worth reading, but I want to quibble on one point.

Second, many doctors thought that removing the foreskin made masturbation much more difficult (which, as about half of our readers know, it totally doesn’t). By the way, that 1895 medical journal suggests that another way to prevent boys from masturbating is to sever the fucking nerves to the penis, so there just wouldn’t be any feeling there at all.

Removing the foreskin makes masturbation more difficult, even though evidence suggests that circumcised males masturbate at least as much as intact males. (Much is too subjective with regard to difficulty, and unnecessary to prove my point here.) With a normal, intact penis, a male is generally able to masturbate without additional lubrication or concern. He may use additional lubrication, but it isn’t necessary, as his foreskin provides all the mobility he needs.

Circumcision changes the form of the penis, thereby changing its function. The male no longer has his foreskin to provide lubrication and mobility. His sexual experience changes from one based on pressure to one based on friction. He generally must use some form of lubrication to make masturbation comfortable. Without it he can easily chafe his penis. He may also experience pain from masturbation (and other sexual activities) if too much of his foreskin was removed, for example.

Some have speculated, reasonably, that circumcised males engage in a wider variety of sexual activities because it takes more to achieve satisfaction. Even if the opposite were true, it’s clear that circumcision alters the penis and makes sex different, if not obviously more difficult.

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  1. This looks like a typo
    “circumcised males circumcise at least as much”
    didn’t you mean
    “circumcised males masturbate at least as much”
    (go ahead and delete this comment when you’re done with it)

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