Ghana Encourages Unethical Infant Circumcision

As always, when public health officials endorse voluntary, adult male circumcision to reduce the risk of (female-to-male) HIV transmission, they never mean voluntary or adult. Today, Ghana:

Dr Gloria Asare, a Public Health Consultant, has said male circumcision was one key area of HIV and AIDS prevention and appealed to families to circumcise their male children.

Someday we won’t let good intentions and fear blind us to the fatal ethical flaw within non-therapeutic infant circumcision. We will endorse and require consent from the patient rather than proxy consent for the patient.

One thought on “Ghana Encourages Unethical Infant Circumcision”

  1. Something tells me there is bribe money involved. What idiot makes a statement that goes against data in her very own country? One who got a hefty cutback from PEPFAR or Bill Gates, that’s who.

    Ghana”…the vast majority of Ghanaian men (95 percent) are circumcised… There is little difference in the HIV prevalence by circumcision status…” (1.6 vs 1.4 See p. 13)

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